• Carpet Deep Cleaning


1. VACUUMING. Vacuum the carpet to get rid of any dirt. If necessary, we steam the deep-seated dirt to soften it before deep cleaning.
2. SHAMPOOING. We apply our own line of organic & biodegradable shampoo on the carpet & gently scrub it.
3. DIRT REMOVAL. Suction the dirt using a high-powered vacuum. Other stains or dirt are spot-cleaned after.
4. DRYING. Dry the carpet by air blower or sun-drying.


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02:00 hours


Carpet Extractor, Carpet Shampoo, Roto Polisher, Air-dryer, Vacuum

• Vacuuming
• Surface wiping
• Shampooing
• Drying
• Steaming (Depending on the material and when needed)

• Extends lifespan of the carpet
• Enhances the quality of indoor appearance
• Prevents allergen, bacteria, and unhealthy contaminant buildup.
• Creates a clean indoor air quality