• Grease Trap Cleaning


1. SCRAPING AND REMOVAL OF GREASE. We remove the entire contents of the trap by scooping and scraping , hauling away fats, oils, grease, and solids (FOGS) the with the gray water.
2. CLEAN THE UNIT. We let the faucet run while we continuously scoop the excess grease and thoroughly scrub the unit including the strainer.
3. REINSTALL. Reinstall the clean strainer and lid.

Note: Our technicians follow the safety protocols by getting monthly rapid tests and wearing of PPE when going to client premises. If you require a recent swab test before the service, please let us know in the Notes section of your service booking.


Service Duration    

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01:00 hour


Scraper, Scooper, Sponge or Cloth, Soap, Trash Bags, Gloves

• Scooping
• Scraping
• Removal of dirt and grease

• Eliminates foul odor
• Helps reduce pest infestation such as ants, flies, and cockroaches