• Mattress Deep Cleaning


1. VACUUMING. Get rid of dirt and dust. When needed, we steam areas with deep seated dirt to soften it before doing the deep cleaning.
2. SHAMPOOING. We apply our own line of organic and biodegradable shampoo on the mattress and gently scrub it.
3. DIRT REMOVAL. Suction the dirt using a high-powered vacuum. Other stains or dirt are spot-cleaned after.
4. DRYING. Dry both sides of the mattress by air blower or sun-drying.


Service Duration    

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Equipment Used   


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03:00 hours


Blower, Brush, Mattress Shampoo, Vivenso Extractor Machine , Pail, Steamer


• Helps eliminate dust, dirt, sweat, molds, odor and dead skin cell flakes
• Removes allergens that cause itchiness and allergic reactions.
• Deodorizes the mattress, leaving it clean and smelling fresh
• Improves quality of sleep
• Reduces wear and tear between the linings that prolongs its lifespan