Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Happy new year! Pantone announced Ultimate Gray and Illuminating as the two colors of the year 2021. If you are planning on redecorating or restyling your interior, Home/Cut is dropping five (5) colors that go well when paired with Ultimate Gray.

Let us start the mixing and matching!

Orange and Gray

Orange, the color of joy, brings a warm yet down-to-earth vibe when matched with the calming gray. Opposites do attract!

Blush and Gray

What an unexpected combination of colors! The subtle colors are perfect to give your space a fresh and soothing interior.

Green and Gray

Plantitos and plantitas would be delighted to know that your indoor plants go well the color of the year. A vibrant green, the color of nature, gives a splash of life to the neutral gray.

Red and Gray

Gray is a classic, neutral color; red is bright and strong. Any shade of gray complements well with red and helps it pop!

Blue and Gray

Blue has been a popular choice of color when styling or decorating the house. A cool color when combined with gray creates an elegant and modern look.