Updated: Jan 5

Happy new year! Pantone announced Ultimate Gray and Illuminating as the two colors of the year 2021. If you are planning on redecorating or restyling your interior, Home/Cut is dropping five (5) colors that go well when paired with Ultimate Gray.

Let us start the mixing and matching!

Orange and Gray

Orange, the color of joy, brings a warm yet down-to-earth vibe when matched with the calming gray. Opposites do attract!

Blush and Gray

What an unexpected combination of colors! The subtle colors are perfect to give your space a fresh and soothing interior.

Green and Gray

Plantitos and plantitas would be delighted to know that your indoor plants go well the color of the year. A vibrant green, the color of nature, gives a splash of life to the neutral gray.

Red and Gray

Gray is a classic, neutral color; red is bright and strong. Any shade of gray complements well with red and helps it pop!

Blue and Gray

Blue has been a popular choice of color when styling or decorating the house. A cool color when combined with gray creates an elegant and modern look.

Home/Cut can incorporate ‘Ultimate Gray’ into your homes. Visit or download the app to book a home styling service!

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