Let us cut to the chase. As you read this, you might be one of the thousands of employees whose request for Christmas leave has been approved so you are now spending quality time with your family away from your office responsibilities or slacking off on your couch thinking of what to prepare for your Media Noche.

While this is the perfect week for relaxation, it is actually nice to go through your stuff and declutter! Between recycling water and soda bottles to donating pre-loved items, there are plenty of things that you must let go of. Home/Cut has prepared a list of some of the stuff you need to get rid of before 2021.


1. Broken appliances beyond repair

For the record, broken home appliances such as old stove, oven, and lamp beyond repair need to be disposed of for one main reason – safety. Anyone, especially small children in the house, who will continue to use these is at risk of being injured. Proper disposal of household appliances is important because some contain hazardous materials. Improper disposal can damage the environment, therefore, you can either return those to the manufacturer or sell them to metal recyclers willing to pay for the items.

2. Old magazines

If you have been keeping things because you fear that you might regret your decision of getting rid of them later, now is the time to let go. We live in an era of technology where and when almost everything we need can be sourced and found on the internet. Darling, let go of your 10-year-old fashion magazines because those are ‘out of style’. Keep the special and limited copies, but dispose of those that you have read already.

3. Expired products

Food items. Head to the pantry or kitchen and open your fridge to check if you have been storing expired food. Carefully check the label of your food prior to consumption and never take chances on eating food past their expiration dates. Yikes!

Non-food items. Toss out and never wear expired beauty products as these can be bad for your skin.

4. Shopping bags and boxes you do not use.

10.10 … 11.11 … 12.12 … Reusing paper bags and boxes from your previous shopping sprees is eco-friendly, however, you need to get rid of those that you still keep but are not being used. Aside from these pile up easily and take up space, they also accumulate dust and sometimes become the breeding ground for cockroaches.

5. Clothes and shoes you have outgrown

Your closet needs to get a good purge. It is time to get rid of ill-fitting, uncomfortable clothes and shoes you have been holding on to for more than a year. Free up space in your closet and donate those to people in need.